These frame grabs are from a short trailer for a project I will be doing. Keep in mind I was going for a certain feel when shooting, and this look may not suit everyone. I like the settings below and have tried several others, but still seem to prefer the ones referenced. Let me also say I love this camera!

I should have reflected some light in the person approaching car shot, but we always see what we should have done. I welcome any constructive comments:

All images captured in Premiere 6.0 (PC) and saved in Photoshop as the highest quality jpg.

DVX100 Camera settings are as follows:
F5 24P Standard
Detail Level: -4
Chroma Phase: -4
Master Ped: -1
Gamma: Normal
Matrix: Cine-Like
V Detail: Thick

All images © 2002 Aric Spence: Spence Design